Legal Representation for Oklahoma Domestic Violence


Did you know that if you have been charged with the assault of a family member you could be facing up to one (1) year in jail and/or a fine of $5,000?  You will also be facing other penalties such as probation, community service, anger management counseling, and a permanent charge on your criminal record. 

What acts are considered Domestic Violence in Oklahoma?

  • Domestic Assault
  • Violence against family members
  • Aggravated Domestic Assault

If you are accused of Domestic Violence and/or Assault, we encourage you to speak with a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Norman immediately.  Whether your charges are a result of an exaggeration or a false accusation, an attorney can help even the playing field with his unique legal insight and will listen to your side of the story and help you build an effective defense against your charge. 


In Domestic Violence cases, charges sometimes stem from false accusations or a false exaggeration of the events.  Even if your loved one chooses to drop the charges, the District Attorney can still continue to take legal action against you.  An experienced Domestic Violence Attorney will know how to investigate a case and how to obtain crucial evidence to build a strong defense.  Defense attorney, Douglas J. Smith will get to know you, your case, and explore all possible defense options.  The goal is to minimize the impact of your charges on your future.

Potential defenses against Domestic Violence may include:

  • Self Defense
  • False allegation by victim
  • Lack of evidence

Attorney Douglas J. Smith is experienced and prepared to work your case.  If you choose to retain him, you will have twenty nine (29) years of experience on your side that will be fighting for your rights in the Oklahoma justice system.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Oklahoma, Douglas J. Smith Law Office, P.C. is based in Norman and serves Cleveland County and McClain County since 1990.

Oklahoma Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer, Douglas J. Smith Law Office, P.C. since 1990.

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