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How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce?

  • A divorce can take anywhere between 3 and 24 months depending on whether it is contested or uncontested. The average uncontested divorce takes 3 months. The average contested divorce takes 12 months. The amount of time varies according to the judge, the county, and the will of the parties to speed things up or delay.

Contested Divorce

  • In many divorces, there are certain issues that cannot be resolved amicably. Having a qualified contested divorce attorney is extremely important in these matters.  Divorce does not have to be a battle.  Just because you and your spouse do not agree on a particular issue, it does not necessarily mean that going to court is the only option.

Uncontested Divorce

  • An uncontested divorce can be a good option for spouses who are able to reach agreement on all issues related to a divorce, including child support, child custody, alimony, property division and others. However, an uncontested divorce is not an option for everyone. Even in the most amicable divorces, disputes arise that require capable legal counsel.
  • Many people seek an uncontested divorce because they want to save money on an attorney. In most cases, however, the spouses do not understand their rights. They often sign agreements that they do not understand and frequently spend more money correcting a bad agreement than they would have spent if they had hired an uncontested divorce lawyer to handle the matter.

Grounds for Divorce

  • In Oklahoma, you can seek a divorce based on specific grounds or you can choose a no-fault divorce. If fault can be shown as the cause for the divorce, it can impact the amount and duration of alimony that is awarded to the recipient spouse.
    Among the most common grounds for a fault-based divorce in Oklahoma are the following:
  • Abandonment
  • Adultery
  • Drug Addiction
  • Extreme Cruelty
  • Fraudulent Contract
  • Gross Neglect
  • Habitual Drunkenness
  • Imprisonment
  • Insanity 
  • The wife got pregnant with another man before the marriage

Divorce Property Division

  • One of the most contentious aspects of many divorce proceedings is the division of assets and debts. As an equitable distribution state, Oklahoma law requires all marital assets and debts be divided fairly, which does not necessarily mean a 50/50 split. Obtaining a fair property division settlement can be very difficult, and it is important you seek the advice of an experienced divorce property division attorney.

Divorce Modification

  • When a divorce is finalized, the orders that are established reflect the circumstances that existed at that time. If circumstances change, it may be appropriate to seek a modification of the orders. There is a specific process that must be followed in order to seek a modification, and a compelling argument must be made in order for one to be approved.  These are complex cases, and it is important that you have an experienced divorce modification attorney representing you throughout the process.


Family Law Attorney based in Norman, Oklahoma.  Call today to get a referral.

Paternity Lawyer

  • Paternity refers to the establishment of the legal father of a child. Often, paternity issues arise in cases involving child support, but they can also be important in relation to adoption, inheritance, custody and visitation, and health care.

  •   Whether you're seeking to establish or challenge paternity, challenge the adoption of your child, terminate your parental rights, or adjust a child support or visitation order, a fathers' rights attorney can help you through the legal process. 

Family Law Attorney based in Norman, Oklahoma.  Call today to get a referral.

Custody Lawyer

  •  Physical and legal custody are two important aspects of raising children when parents are divorced. There are various types of custody arrangements that can be made to suit the needs of the child; and when conditions change, keep in mind that you may ask the court to modify a child custody arrangement. 

  • It's important that both parents involved understand the meaning of legal custody, how it relates to physical custody, and how parents are bound by their custody agreement to their children 

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