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The Juvenile Justice System can vary from state to state as well as the nature of the crime.  The nature of the crime and the youth's age will determine whether or not the Juvenile will be charged as a Juvenile or an Adult.   An example is if the Juvenile committed a serious crime such as murder, the Juvenile would be charged with a Felony as an Adult in the court system.   Juveniles who are arrested for a criminal offense have the right to an Attorney, as Adults do.

When a Juvenile is Arrested, a parent has the right to accompany them to the police station. Parents also have a right to be present when questioning the Juvenile, and the Juvenile has the right to remain silent and/or have an Attorney present during questioning.

Douglas J. Smith is well versed in Juvenile crime and can adequately represent your son/daughter in Juvenile Court.  Even in Juvenile Court, he/she has a right to have an Attorney for Legal Representation to defend them and argue their case on their behalf.  This can mean the difference between the Juvenile being released or keeping them in the Juvenile Detention Center. 

If you have a son or daughter who has been Arrested for a criminal act, you need to hire a Juvenile Law Attorney that will make sure their rights are not violated.  Many parents make the mistake of thinking that because their children are Juveniles, the Juvenile Justice System will go easy on them. Very often, this is not the case.

Douglas J. Smith is an experienced Juvenile Law Defense Attorney in Oklahoma and is here to help individuals that are needing Legal Representation for a Juvenile matter in the Cleveland County District Court.

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